Shadows of the Fragmented Moon is a collection of poems that attempts to unlock the wisdom of our ancient seers for the benefit of the lay folk, often eulogised for their resilience in the face of depredations of time, but actually with no one to turn to, not even the gods, for succor, mercy, and redemption, and far removed from expensive and time-consuming modern psychiatric intervention. Each poem has a hidden and unexplored facet of human trait that needs confronting to clear the path of ill-informed illusions. This collection revels in the subtle interplay between mind and consciousness, both subjects of modern scientific enquiry. What is mind? What is consciousness? Find out…

Zara’s Witness is a book of hallucinations that negotiates several streams of consciousness in a girl’s journey from infancy to adulthood along the course of a river that mirrors the universal conscience. In doing so, she also traverses the four stages of human living in line with Upanishadic tradition. In this case, reversing the trajectory of that ancient journey, our protagonist is mesmerised by evocative memories of her arrival inside a plasma bubble, her forced trudge through an enchanted forest where she confronts personal loss, and her final fulfillment in the abundance of a soul-enriching kitchen, before she migrates to the realm of the cosmic oneness.

Shubhrangshu Roy is a bard who divides his time between the US and India. His latest work Shadows of the Fragmented Moon (May 2022), is a composition of 108 mystic chants that navigate ancient Indic thought to plunge deep into the human psyche. His first book Zara’s Witness (March 2019) is a work of mythical literature that reimagines India’s ancient Upanishadic thought as a contemporary lore exploring the human soul.

Hey, Ze, a modern epic drama in two volumes, places India in the midst of its contemporary civilisational shift through an ever-changing narrative between its two protagonists, a Hindu and a Muslim, to explore an extensive and diverse range of philosophical musings from history to politics, religion, nationalism, society, employment, culture, travel, literature, poetry, music, relationships, love, hate, sex, spirituality and divinity in the everyday life of two individuals. The work is now waitlisted for publication.

Roy is currently working on his next major project to explain the real essence of Hinduism to Hindus. He plans to follow that work with explaining Islam to Muslims.

A prequel to Zara’s Witness, penetrating the deepest mysteries of the Vedas is further down the line.

His other major work, The Flow (available on Facebook, and being transplanted here) is an episodic learning of Vedic wisdom through nuggets of daily thoughts covering an entire year.

Roy is an inspired poet. Besides his original renditions, he continues to both translate and transcreate poems from the Indian vernacular, a sampling of which is available on this website.